Parishioners and friends of the parish have a long history of contributing generously through gifts and memorials to Holy Trinity Church.  These gifts have supplemented the annual giving that supports the principal purposes of the church--worship, education, fellowship, and outreach--and that maintains the buildings and grounds. These gifts have also augmented the Holy Trinity's endowment fund.

Gifts and memorials enable Holy Trinity to respond to its mission as a Christian community by enriching the church's programs beyond the limited resources of a small parish and a small budget.  The range of opportunities for giving extend from helping those in need locally, regionally, nationally and globally; enhancing religious education through special ministries; strengthening the intellectual life of the parish and community through visiting lecturers and ad hoc programs; and to enrich the aesthetic experience of parishioners and the wider community with concert series and special music events.

Holy Trinity acknowledges all gifts with thank-you notes, announcements in the weekly Sunday bulletins and month newsletter.  The Arts and Memorials Committee keeps a record, updated annually, of all gifts to the church.  In some instances, plaques may mark gifts; or they may be made anonymously.  They are mostly tax deductible.

If you would like to donate a gift or memorial to Holy Trinity, please speak with the parish priest, one of the Wardens, or a member of the Arts and Memorials Committee.  Any of these people will be happy to assist you and provide you with a copy of the church's Arts and Memorials Policy.  Currently, Frank Jordan is the chair of the Arts and Memorials Committee and can be reached through the church office by phone (513) 523-7559 or e-mail.