What we’re about at Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity is a community of people who see God in every person.  This idea is more than a nice platitude.  It is about the incarnation of God's son Christ in the human body of Jesus of Nazareth, a man who lived on this planet like all of us.  Yet by coming into the physical world, Christ brought the greatest power in the world to us and shared it with us: his redeeming love. 

At Holy Trinity we believe that God’s love is present and alive in all of us, if only we would look inside ourselves and inside of those we encounter.  We celebrate the coming of Christ into the world every year at Christmas; and we celebrate it every time we consume the bread and wine at communion, that nourishes us spiritually with the life-giving body and blood of Christ.

This is so important to us, that we intend to live the message of God’s present love every moment of our lives together.  We want to share it with all and to help heal a broken world by reaching out to the community inside and outside the Church.  To this end, we have committed ourselves to a broad mission. 

our Mission and vision 

At Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, we worship, learn, and serve--

• to celebrate God's blessings and see God in all people,

• to deepen our understanding of a complex and conflicted world,

• to strive for mercy and justice, inclusiveness, and peace,

in connection with community and campus.

Commitment to welcoming and accepting

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is a welcoming congregation offering spiritual sanctuary to all persons.  We recognize each individual as a unique child of God.  We commit ourselves to making justice and inclusivity a reality in this congregation and the world.

Look at the images below to see some of the people and activities that are part of Holy Trinity.