*Exciting news! Hannah Kemp, one of our college student parishioners and a choir member has been selected for the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship.  One of 240 students in the nation! Congrats Hannah http://miamioh.edu/news/top-stories/2017/05/goldwater-scholars.html


Why our student outreach is vital (article)

The Holy Trinity Campus Outreach and Ministry (HTCOM) supports students in their quest to explore their faith, the church, and their commitment to local and global ministry.  HTCOM seeks to be a place where students can wrestle with complex questions that arise in a conflicted and difficult world about faith, calling, and service.  We seek to help students explore and experience the life and work of the church by participating in beneficial service experiences and by recognizing personal as well as social transformation.  

HTCOM addresses and affirms the whole person: body, mind, and soul.  It seeks and affirms radical inclusivity that embraces all socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, racial, and sexual identities.  It seeks to build and affirm the church in all its expressions: denominationally, socio-economically, geographically, and theologically.

Through a grant from the Diocese, HTCOM is able to fund four choral scholars in the Chancel Choir as part of a larger student arts program that includes jazz concerts on the Terrace of the Community Wing (in fair weather) and chamber music concerts in the nave in colder weather. Exhibitions of student art are planned for the corridor of the Community Wing.

Contact: The Rev'd. Sara Palmer, Rector, by phone at the church (513-523-7559) or on her cell (513) 883-4969.  To view the Holy Trinity Campus Outreach and Ministry FaceBook page, click on the FB link found on the footer of the page.