Welcome, Visitors!

Welcome to Holy Trinity. Whether you have visited us in person or are just exploring that possibility by visiting this website first, we are glad that you have found us. As someone considering what life at Holy Trinity is like, you are likely to have many questions. Here are our answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens on Sunday morning?

Holy Trinity comes alive each Sunday morning. This is our schedule:

9:00am-10:00am - September through May: Christian Formation for Adults

10:30am - Holy Eucharist, Rite II with music (Organ or instrumental music every Sunday, Choir from September through June) with Godly Play for children aged 6 through 5th grade

11:30am - Coffee Connections - a time for conversation and interaction over coffee and light refreshments (in the Undercroft pm the Lower Level)

All who seek a relationship with Christ are invited to receive Holy Communion. Music is taken from The Episcopal Hymn 1982 and the hymnal supplement Wonder, Love, and Praise.

Bulletins are available for adults that guide participants through the worship experience. Weekly announcements in the bulletin let the congregation know what is coming up in the weeks ahead.

Children aged 6 and up are invited to leave the service prior to the scripture readings in order to attend our Godly Play class. They return to the sanctuary to rejoin their families during The Peace.

Ushers and Greeters are available before and after the service to answer any questions and help you find out more about Holy Trinity. They will also guide you to stairs or the elevator so you can join others at the Coffee Connection in the Undercroft.

We look forward to having you join us!

How do I receive Holy Communion?

All who seek a relationship with Christ are invited to come to the communion rail to receive the bread and the wine. The bread is placed in your palm. The wine is administered from a common cup known as a chalice; please assist the Eucharistic Minister by guiding the chalice to your lips. You may also dip (“intinct”) the bread in the wine instead of taking a sip from the chalice. If you have children with you, help them as well. Children appropriately receive communion. If it is your tradition for children to receive a blessing, simply help them cross their arms over their chest as a sign to the priest. Any person who has arms crossed over chest receives a blessing from the priest at the communion rail.

What do you offer my children?

Nursery: On Sundays, children aged 3 to 5 can be left in the Nursery. Our caregivers are qualified for their work and have received certificates of Safe Church Training from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Godly Play: Children aged 6 through 5th grade are invited to attend our Godly Play class on Sundays.

Episcopal Youth Activities:

Junior Youth for students in grades six through eight. Senior Youth for students in grades nine through twelve.

Middle School Youth meet with youth from Faith Lutheran Church and Oxford Presbyterian Church on Wednesday evenings. This ecumenical group is led by Holy Trinity parishioner John Harper and adult members of the other two churches.

High School Youth meet with youth from Faith Lutheran Church and Oxford Presbyterian Church on Sunday evenings. This ecumenical group is also led by Holy Trinity parishioner John Harper and adult members of the other two churches.

Junior and Senior Youth participate in a number of outreach activities at Holy Trinity. These include working with the Oxford Choice Food Pantry, Earth Day trash pick-up, and fund-raising for Episcopal Relief and Development. They also enjoy social activities such as pumpkin carving, hayrides, visiting a horse farm, and game night. The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio also offers mission trips, summer camps, musical programs, and other activities for youth of various ages.

Youth Confirmation: Confirmation classes are held by the Rector for young people as well as adults who wish to be confirmed as members of the Episcopal Church by the diocesan Bishop.

How do I get more involved at Holy Trinity?

Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter The Triad and various e-mail announcements from the parish office. To sign up, send our Administrative Assistant Kathy Kuehnle an e-mail (holytoffice@gmail.com). Feel free to contact the Rector or any leader listed on the drop-down tabs on this website. We are always excited when people want to explore their faith among us. We have many activities as a church family and unique weekly and monthly activities for men, women, seniors, teenagers and younger children. Check out the opportunities listed on this website or call the church office for more information about any are of ministry.

How do I join Holy Trinity?

Anyone--regardless of denomination or religious background--is welcome in our community.  If you want to become an "official" member, and are already baptized (regardless of denomination), we will add you to our membership register.  If you would like to be baptized or additional information, please contact the Rev. Sara Palmer by phone at (513) 883-4969 (cell) or by e-mail at holytrector@gmail.com.You may also call the church office at 513 523 7559, or email the Office Administrator, Kathy Kuehnle at holytoffice@gmail.com

Classes introducing newcomers to the Episcopal Church are available at various times during the year.