Welcoming the Community

(and not just Holy Trinity members)

to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

A great space seven days a week!

We welcome organizations or individuals to utilize HT facilities for appropriate uses that fit within HT’s own schedule.  Both members of HT and others who wish to use the facilities should submit requests on the form that follows these policies.  Please check the calendar on this web site to seek potentially open dates and times.  Approval of all requests requires the signature of the Rector or one of the Wardens.

I.  Available for use

      A.  In the principal HT building

      1) The Nave (worship space), including the Chancel area (the raised area              at the front.  This may be used for recitals and concerts as well as for weddings, funerals, and baptisms.

          2) Chapel (Usually open for private prayer: please check with the Rector in planning another use.) 

          3) Undercroft (downstairs under the Nave)

          4) Kitchen

          5) Library

      B.  In the Community Wing

           1) One larger meeting room

           2) One smaller meeting room

      C.  Exterior spaces

           Patio, terrace, and lawn area

      D.  Tables, chairs, and similar equipment

      E.  Projection and sound equipment (that in the Nave only when the Nave is in use for a scheduled event)  The entire building and patio area are wifi accessible.  Only the Undercroft has a built-in projector and screen.


II. Application details

         A.  A proposed use cannot go on the calendar without an application signed by the Rector or a Warden.

         B.  The application must have a clear statement of the date(s) and times requested, the space(s) and equipment to be used, and who is responsible for arranging and rearranging tables, chairs, etc.

         C.  No equipment may be removed from the building unless the Rector or a Warden approves lending equipment to HT members (for the conduct of HT-sponsored meetings in their homes or other designated places) or groups authorized by the Rector or a Warden. 

                           1) Equipment must be returned to the church within 48 hours or earlier, if needed for church use.

                           2) Under normal circumstances, no furnishings from the HT worship spaces, no items from the Sacristy, and no musical instruments are available for loan.

         D.  Any proposed use of the organ or pianos must be stated on the application.

                           1) Only musicians authorized by the Organist or Choir Director (or the Rector in consultation with one of the musicians) may use the pipe organ or grand piano in the Chancel.  This authorization must be separately indicated on the application form.

                           2) Use of the piano in the Undercroft is allowed, if the Rector or a Warden approves in advance on the application form.

III.  Individuals and groups that may use HT spaces without charge

         A.  Members of HT and HT-sponsored groups

         B.  Civic, social service, and religious groups; MU faculty and staff groups and students that need to use off-campus space; recovery groups, etc., – as approved by the Rector or a Warden. 

                  1) All those in III.B are trusted to clean up after their meetings; if they fail to do so, HT may impose cleaning charges.        

                  2) Donations are always welcome!

IV.  Schedule of fees for those not exempted from fees in III

         A. Wedding service in the Nave, excluding fees for priest,                                     organist and sound technician     $500                                                           

         B. Concerts and recitals in the Nave area (excluding fees for the sound technician)

                  1) One-time use     $200

                  2) Series of uses    $ 50 per session

         C.  Undercroft for a meeting or activity without the use of the kitchen or media equipment        

                  1) One-time use, based on number of people and amount of time $25 - $200                                                    

                  2) Series of uses – as for a recurrent class or set of classes   $15 per session

         D.  Undercroft with the use of the kitchen and/or media equipment

                  1) One-time use, based on number of people and amount of time $50 - $300                                                                      

                  2) Series of uses     $30 per session

         E.  Library

                  1) One-time use      $50

                  2) Series                  $10 per session

         F.  Use of the nursery must be in conjunction with another event and in consultation with the Rector or Warden to assure proper child care     $10 per session

         G. Large meeting room in the Community Wing

                  1) One-time use, depending on amount of time   $25 - $85

                  2) Series of uses – as for a recurrent class or set of classes –

                           depending on amount of time for each session   $10 - $20 per session

         H.  Small meeting room in the Community Wing

                  1) One-time use, depending on amount of time    $15 - $70

                  2) Series of uses – as for a recurrent class or set of classes –

                           depending on amount of time for each session   $10 - $50

          I.  Patio, terrace, and lawn area

                  1) One-time

                           a) requiring tables, chairs, etc.     $150

                           b) without additional furnishing   $75

                  2) Series of uses

                           a) requiring tables, chairs, etc.      $50 per session

                           b) without additional furnishings  $30 per session

         J.  Use of tables and/or chairs away from HT is limited to civic groups and social service groups except as provided above for church members and church groups.  No other equipment is available for lending for off-site use.                                                                     

         K.  Innovative uses of spaces in and outside the Community Wing are possible.  Consult with the Rector and a Warden about the envisioned use and potential charges.

V.  Required deposits for those not exempted from fees in III: (Deposits will be returned if no cleaning or furniture moving is required; additional charges will be levied to cover any damages.)

         A. Wedding in the Nave                                     $150

         B. Recitals and concerts in the Nave                  $100

         C. Undercroft

                  1) without kitchen/media equipment           $50

                  2) with kitchen/media equipment              $100

         D. Library                                                             $40

         E. Room in the Community Wing                       $50

         F. Patio, terrace, and lawn                          

                  1) without added equipment                      $100

                  2) with added equipment                           $200

         G. Tables and chairs                                             $50

         H. Key deposit (in addition to the above deposits) $25

VI.           General Rules

         A.  Use of HT by non-HT groups does not imply any endorsement by HT of the group or its purposes.  Advertising for the event should not suggest HT’s endorsement.

         B.  Any group using HT for the first time must send at least one representative for orientation by the Rector, a Warden, or other church official.

         C.   If meetings or activities are canceled, HT’s office must be notified immediately.        

         D.  All facilities and equipment must be left in the condition they were found or the deposit is forfeited; if necessary to repair damage, additional charges will be levied.

         E.  No fires may be kindled either inside or outside the building.

         F.  HT is smoke free.  Smoking is not permitted in restrooms or any other places, including all exterior spaces.

         G.  All alcohol laws and policies of the State of Ohio must be strictly enforced at HT in all its buildings and grounds.


         H.  No food or drinks may be served or consumed in the Nave.

         I.   Supplies for such things as beverages, paper products, or other consumables are not included in building fees.  Non-HT groups must bring their own. 

         J.  Requests for exemptions to any policy above must be made in writing to the Rector and Wardens jointly in advance of the proposed activity and should be included in the application.

To download a PDF file of the Holy Trinity Building Use Policy, please click on this line.