Events this Week at Holy Trinity Church


Tuesday, June 27

  • Prayer Group ~ 11 am, Community Room
  • AA Meeting ~ 7:30 pm, Lower Level

Wednesday, June 28

  • Community Dinner~ 5:30 pm, Lower Level
  • Adult Bible Study ~ 2 -3:30 pm, Community Room


Adult Forum at Holy Trinity in 2017

Gather at 9 am for coffee in the Lower Level. Discussion from 9:15 to 10:15.

  • Join us in the fall! Topics TBA


Upcoming Events/Announcements

NEW BRONZE MEMORIAL PLAQUES - Early in the year we exhausted the space on the bronze plaques at the foot of the bell tower to which we attach strips bearing the names of deceased parishioners.  Subsequently, we have acquired and installed two identical plaques so that we may continue to memorialize our members in this special way, both those who died in the interval between the old and new plaques and those of us who pass in years to come. Already we have one request to order a strip.  Please let us know by contacting the church office if you would like to request one or more strips so that we may place a composite order. The price of a strip with the engraved name is $106.00. 

WANT TO DRAW CLOSER TO GOD?  SUMMER BIBLE STUDY ON LUKE’S GOSPEL! Our Rector is offering a summer Bible study class on Saint Luke’s Gospel starting the week of June 18th!  Please do join us and invite your friends!   Our two aims are to get to know God better through studying the life and words of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son. And to make new friends! All questions are welcome; no prior experience of reading the Bible is necessary! Please email me ASAP if you can join the group that will meet on Wednesdays at 2 pm in the Community Room in the wing. The Reverend Sara Palmer:  513 523 7559.

Eucharistic Ministers ~ Would you like to be trained to serve as a Eucharistic Minster at the 10:30 service? If so, please email the Reverend Sara Palmer:  

Eucharistic Visitors ~ Would you like to serve as a Eucharistic Visitor, taking Communion to the sick and homebound? If so, please email the Reverend Sara Palmer:

Lectors ~ Would you like to Read a Lesson or Lead the Psalm on Sunday mornings? If so, please email the Reverend Sara Palmer:

Sunday Drivers needed 9am-12noon ~ Oxford Seniors is seeking two-three volunteer drivers. Background check, drug screening and training will be provided and paid for by the organization. Volunteer drivers are needed for Sunday mornings and on an as needed basis. For more information or to complete an application, please contact Steve Schnabl at (513) 523-8100. Thank you. Sabrina Jewell Outreach & Marketing Coordinator, Oxford Seniors.

Open Altar Flower Dates~ We have two dates coming up with the opportunity to sponsor the Altar Flowers. They are: July 30, 2017 and August 13, 2017. Please consider sponsoring one of these weeks in celebration of a life event or in memory of a loved one. Just call or email the office with your specific request and the way your flowers are to be designated. Then, just write a check to Holy Trinity for $40 ($20 per vase) with “altar flowers” on the memo line. If you would like something special, contact Two Little Buds directly (513-737-8527); if the cost is different, please adjust your check accordingly. As we have a contract with Two Little Buds, we ask that you not cancel the standing order with them for your date. We are most grateful for your gifts which add natural beauty to our worship. Thank you!

URGENT REQUEST: One of the most important aspects of Outreach of Holy Trinity is to help provide a meal in two venues: Serve City once a month on the second Tuesday, in Hamilton, and the fourth Wednesday of every month in the undercroft. In each case we badly need volunteers to coordinate the effort and to commit themselves as soon as possible. Sign up alone or with a pal, company is always efficient and fun. The sign-up sheet is on the stand in the Narthex. I will be sending out a blast soon describing the dinners further, but for now please think seriously about it and sign up soon.  We need your help. Thank you, Judith de Luce

Publications Deadlines ~ Please send Information and announcements for Sunday Bulletins by Monday morning of the week preceding. TRIAD Articles and announcements should be submitted by the 20th of each month. Thanks! Gayle Shidler ~ 513-523-7559 ~

Updating Office Records ~ Would you like your birthday noted in the TRIAD? Or, the birthdays of family members? Your anniversary, if applicable? Would you like to give altar flowers to celebrate a personal or family event, or to memorialize a family member? Or have your name added to the rotation for providing refreshments at coffee hour? If so, please call or email the office with your information, so we can add you to our lists! Thanks! Gayle Shidler ~ 513-523-7559 ~