September 11: Overview of class: Brief history of Episcopal Church. Class is based on Outline

of the Faith, p. 845 Book of Common Prayer. BCP based on Bible. Reasons why I love the

Episcopal Church.

September 18. Human nature. Original blessing. Free will. Sin. P.848

September 25. Who is God? God is love.

October 2. What is the Old Testament?

October 9. What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments?

October 16. No class. Fall break

October 23. Who is Jesus Christ? P.849. What is redemption?

October 30. What is the new commandment?

November 6. Why do we use the Book of Common Prayer? History. Explore BCP

November 13. An instructed Eucharist. What is the shape of our liturgy? Why certain actions?

November 20. What are the creeds? What are the historical documents in the BCP?

November 27. No class. Thanksgiving.

December 11. Who is the Holy Spirit and what does the Spirit do in our lives and in the world?

January 8. What are the Holy Scriptures for Episcopalians?

January 15. How do we understand Scripture? How do we incorporate it in our daily lives and in

Sunday worship?

January 22. What is the role of prayer and worship in our lives?

January 29. What is the Church? How is the Episcopal Church organized? What role do

bishops play?

February 5. Who are the ministers of the church? How do I discern God's calling?

February 12. What are the two sacraments we offer? What is baptism? Who do we baptize?

February 19. What is Holy Eucharist about? Why do we take communion every Sunday?

February 26. What are the other sacramental rites? What does it mean to be confirmed?

March 5. What is the Christian hope? What do we mean by everlasting life?

March 12. Is it okay to share my faith with other people? With people from other faiths?

March 19. What role does stewardship play in our Christian Faith?

March 26. Why do we ordain women? History and theology.

April 2. The healing ministry of Jesus.  How do we practice healing in the Episcopal Church?

April 9. What is the Episcopal Church's attitude to the LGBTQ community and why?

April 16. Easter Sunday. No class.

April 23. What does the Episcopal Public Policy Network do and how can I get involved?

April 30. Racial justice in the Episcopal Church. History. Current efforts in our diocese?

May 7. What role does Episcopal Relief & Development play in social justice in the world?

May 14. Summary and time for questions.