The Children's Word takes place during the 10:30 AM service.  Although children are welcome to participate fully in any service at Holy Trinity, small children can become fidgety during that hour-long event.  Therefore, we offer the Children's Word to those who are ages 5-12.  

Those children who wish to participate are led to the classroom in the Community Wing at the time of the sermon.  Two trained adults present the Word of God using the Godly Play curriculum ( to the children in an imaginative way designed to engage and enhance their appreciation of the Bible.  Following the presentation, the Children's Word continues along the same sequence as the adult Liturgy of the Word in the sanctuary.  The children join in a simplified version of the creed; they pray for the church and the world in prayers made meaningful for them; and learn about forgiveness.


The children re-enter the church just as the members of the congregation exchange the peace and  together they share in the Eucharistic feast.

Parables are a favorite way to teach to children because they use the words of Jesus and are in the form of a story. Our Parable lessons are kept in special gold boxes. The children are asked to notice that these gold boxes look old because the story is old, and in fact was given even before our children were born. The box has a lid, and the children notice the lid is a bit like a door. Sometimes, even thought we try, we might not be ready to get past the door, but that’s okay, because we can try lifting the lid and listening to the story another day. It is exciting to lift the lid and see what we can learn each time we listen and watch the story of a Parable–we might learn and think something different every time!  Our Godly Play Teachers were busy in February sharing The Parable of the Transfiguration, The Parable of the Mustard Seed and Parable of the Pearl. 

A final note: Holy Trinity needs HELP with our Children’s Word program. We are looking for teachers to tell stories and as well as guides to help teachers once a month.